Saturday, 14 July 2012

A New Library

After a little hiatus, here's the final Photoshop-based visualisation. The scene itself will probably get a few more detail passes and some clean-up, but it's a good start and is now starting to reach a pretty good representation of what the game itself would look like. It's also now at a state where I can begin working on the engine code itself, starting to implement the rendering elements, camera, and editor interface with these assets.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Colour Animation Pass

Here's the third pass on the animation - I think it's turned out pretty well:

It took a damned long time of course to get through all of it, but then again I think most animations in the game will be much, much shorter. The majority of the interactions with the environment need only be a few frames each - such as picking up an item, or opening a door and such. The main bulk will be the walking cycles I imagine, and other movement-related animations as I'd like to at least try to go for some fluidity in the way that the character moves. But even those will be peanuts compared to a long, cycling animation with this many states!

Now to composit this into a new 3D scene...